A sign saying the 'Pool is closed for maintenance' as a pool service business cleans the area

Running a business is itself a complex task where you juggle multiple things like marketing, operations, finance, HR, and so on. Pool Service businesses are nothing less. There are many day-to-day operation tasks like routing, assigning technicians, and chemical dosages. As all these tasks are done manually, it is quite time-consuming and prone to error. And errors can only bring in additional work for everyone.

With the advancement in technology, almost every operational task in the pool services business can be automated with Pool Service Software. If you are a first-time user or a repeat user of pool service software, this article can help you make the best use of the software.

This article will help you operate efficiently and use your time for more valuable tasks for your business. In this article, we will take you through the definition of pool service software and why your business needs one. We’ll also discuss the best ways to use pool service software for your business in detail. This article will help you operate efficiently and use your time for more valuable tasks for your business.

What is Pool Service Software? 

Pool Service Software is a field service software solution for pool service companies to run their day-to-day operations without any hassle. It can be used both on the web and as a mobile application.

The administrators can do the setup by moving all the paper records to the software using the web version. The admin will have access to all the information on the software platform, including customer and technician data. They can assign tasks, add customer information, add technicians and define task details. 

The technicians use the mobile application to check their tasks, routes, and additional information about the task. Some of the pool service software in the industry insists the technician upload photos and other details (like chemical dosage, equipment used, etc.) of the work done at the customer's place. 

Pool service software helps a pool service business to move from paper to software and save a ton of time through automation.

Why does your business need Pool Service Software? 

Why do you need a dishwasher when you can clean the dishes by hand? Your obvious answers would be to save time and not be interested in the task.

Similarly, when you want to grow your pool service business, it is essential to invest in pool service software. Here is a list of reasons for buying pool service software.

  • Spend more time on valuable tasks like talking to prospective customers

  • Automate service for existing clients with pool service software

  • Reduce your administration staff and increase the technician base

  • Increase customer base and scale the pool service business

Business cannot grow when you rely on paper and spreadsheets to maintain data. The more you can automate your processes, the faster you will grow in the industry. For a pool service business or any business to be profitable, sales and service are the two things to focus on.

Pool service software helps you automate the service part and delight your customers at the same time. In this section, we will look at the best ways to use pool service software that takes your business to greater heights.

6 ways to use Pool Service Software for your business

Software is built to help humans work faster and more accurately. All you need to do is identify the operation process and feed it into the software. The software will take it from there.

Going forward, we will see 6 ways to use pool service software to benefit your business.

Better communication with customers 

‘The customer is King’

You might have come across this saying in the business world. This is completely true, as there is no business without customers. So it is your primary responsibility to keep the customer happy, and customers do not appreciate sudden shocks.

What they do appreciate is keeping them updated. If there is a weekly cleaning session scheduled today, dropping an email about the same to the customer is a good practice. 

But how do you send emails to so many customers? Pool service software is here for you. When you set up a weekly recurring cleaning session, you can also enable email reminders. The software will automatically email the customer a day before the cleaning session.

Likewise, you can set up various broadcast emails like announcements, changes of plans, etc.

Route Optimization 

A pool service business optimizing its routes for manage orders better for its pool service technicians

You have a lot of work orders for the day but only limited technicians. Postponing some of the orders can only pile up for the later part of the week. 

A permanent solution for this problem is route optimization. All you need to do is enter a start location and end location in the pool service software for a technician. The software will rearrange the work orders in order of the route. This can help the technician spend more time completing orders than traveling. 

Technician Management 

The customer emails you that the technician did not show up for the pool service. But your technician says they completed the work order. Whom would you believe in this situation?

Having evidence is better than believing someone blindly. Pool service software can track the location of the technician. It does not stop there; the technician needs to upload pictures of the work done and other details. All of these are also timestamped (the time the action was performed).

You can also reassign work orders to other technicians, add a rating scale for the customers to rate, and conduct performance reviews accordingly. This can help you in improving the quality of your technicians.

Data Handling 

As a growing business with an increasing customer base, using different spreadsheets to maintain customer data does not make sense. With pool service software, all your customer data is in one place. 

You can start with basic contact details and also auto-save the last time they subscribed for pool service. You can use this data for marketing purposes, like sending an email about a new offer to a non-active customer. 

Billing and Invoicing 

Are you still using physical mail to send bills and invoices to customers?

It is time to move to the new way of invoicing, where you send invoices through email and software. If you are already using invoicing software like Quickbooks, check with your pool service software for integration.

After the integration, you can initiate invoices in the pool service software and send them over email to the customer.

Analysis and Reports 

A pool service software collects data, analyses date and creates reports for your pool service business

With so many customers and work orders every week, a lot of data is generated. If not for the pool service software, all this data cannot be collected.

This data is analyzed by the software to provide insights like profitability in terms of customers, chemicals, and equipment. This analyzed data is presented in terms of reports to act on it accordingly.


Technology has become a part of businesses today. Adapting to software in your pool service business can only help you in the long-term growth of the business. There are many software platforms like Skimmer, Workwave, etc. It is crucial to evaluate the features of any software before investing in it.

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