Questions to ask before buying pool service software

The use of pool service software helps small businesses to manage their business processes effectively. The key benefits of the pool service software include increased productivity, making it easier to track inventory, and handling money accurately. Before using any pool service tool and spending money on training your employees, you must know what stage of your company's business cycle and what you need. 

As a business grows and changes, so do its software needs. If the software you currently use is outdated or slowing down your business, upgrading to a newer pool service app can help you get more out of your initial investment and make you more productive.

If you're considering switching to different pool service software, there are a few signs to look out for. We'll talk about them in more detail in the following section.

Adopting new software for pool service business

You would have to streamline processes and give your employees better space and technology to work for your business to grow. So, consider why you'd want to adopt a new pool service software. 

  1. Spreadsheets are annoying

  • Spreadsheets are just not easy to use. They can be changed and are easy to use, but if you need to work with a lot of information, you'll have to scroll through hundreds or even thousands of columns and rows. 

  • With so many workers working on the same spreadsheet and so many changes and calculations going on simultaneously, it's only natural that spreadsheets will have some kind of error. If you want accuracy, don't count on spreadsheets. Instead, it's wise to buy software that can rapidly and accurately fix mistakes on its own or let you know about them so you can fix them.

  • Putting together any data visualization in a spreadsheet takes time and is complex.

2. Depending on Whatsapp to talk to employees 

If your employees use WhatsApp on your phones to talk about business, they are putting your company at risk of severe data breaches and security problems. One of the biggest problems with using WhatsApp at work is that it can lead to confusion.

3. You're using an old pool service tool

  • When it comes to the pool service business, where most of the work is done on the field, you require pool service software that requires the least amount of work from them.

  • Using old systems comes with several risks, and data loss is one of the most important.

  • Security attacks are much more likely to happen when your systems and software are old and can affect your whole network.

  • Even though many companies don't update their technologies since it costs money, using old and out-of-date systems usually costs them a lot more.

  • If your business grows slowly and painfully, this is a common risk with using old systems. Many pool service businesses lose their edge in the market when they use old technologies.

We've put together a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) that will help you decide whether or not to switch to software. We have also answered questions about features and integrations.

FAQs about Pool Service Software

FAQ blog on pool service apps

We have split the FAQs into five sections: starter's guide, functionality, tool, connectivity, and no-code.

Starter's Guide

1. What does it mean to customize the software?

Software customization means choosing features that you require and paying for them. It also means that you can tweak the fields and workflows based on your business processes

2. What is the difference between general software and customized software?

Generic software is ready-to-use software made for many people and can meet the general needs of many businesses. Custom software is a one-of-a-kind design made to fit the needs of a single client based on their budget and requirements.

3. What is the best way to find software made just for you?

Determine what you want the software to do and determine your business needs. Then, list your priorities and budget and create a list of software available in the market. Check which ones give features that you require and are in your budget. Shortlist a few and take a free trial or demo to see if they fit your business requirements.

4. What does offline software do?

Offline apps for Android or iOS are a feature that lets users use mobile apps even when they aren't connected to the Internet.

5. What is a "mobile-friendly" app?

A software that works on both Android and Apple smartphones is known as a mobile-friendly app.

6. Which type of window cleaning software is the best?

There are three types of software available in the market.

  • FSM Software

They are ready-made templates with low customizability. You have to fit your business processes within their templates. They usually have monthly and yearly subscription packages.

  • No-Code Tools

They are highly customizable and flexible. You don't need a technical team to build software with them as they come with drag-and-drop capabilities. You can choose the features you want and only pay for them.

  • Developer/Agency

You need to hire a software developer to create the entire software from scratch. It has less room for customizability once made. It is even expensive. 

Out of these three, no code tools are the best option as they are compatible with small pool service businesses. You can pay for only the features you use. 

1. What does the scheduling feature in the window cleaning software do?

Scheduling feature automates internal employee scheduling tasks, such as managing job duties, communicating with employees, and keeping track of assigned service orders.

2. Which feature in the software helps to keep track of employee work?

Employee management features in the pool service app let you plan, monitor, organize, and verify projects assigned to your field and office staff.

3. How does an employee timesheet help?

Time-tracking is a feature that lets workers keep track of how much time they spend on tasks or projects. It also helps you to keep track of logging in and logging out the time of your field service staff.

4. What do the quotes and invoicing features do?

A. With the billing feature in the pool service tool, bills for service orders are made. It makes getting paid easier, gives your business a clear picture of its finances, ensures liquidity and flexibility, and helps create an excellent financial forecast.

5. What is a quote feature?

Quoting features makes it easier to figure out prices, make proposals, and send them out to clients. Once you've made sure your services, prices, and quote details are all the same, it will only take a few minutes to write a proposal and send it to the client for approval.

6. What are the benefits of an online booking feature in the pool service software?

It helps to:

  • Keep your business going around the clock.

  • Cut your administrative work by a lot.

  • Lessen mistakes made by people.

  • Make it straightforward for clients to book service appointments with you.

Tool related FAQs

1. What are the pros of software for pool service?

It allows you to:

1. You can plan projects, make advanced proposals, and keep track of your equipment and supplies with pool service software.

2. Get a clear picture of jobs and technicians in the field immediately, without stopping.

3. Schedule more jobs and automate the way jobs are sent out.

2. What is software for pool service?

Pool service software is a digital business tool that helps pool service companies do their jobs faster and better by automating various tasks.

3. What is the best software for the pool service business?

Some of the options are:

1. Jobber 

2. Brain Pool

3. MobiWork 

4. Housecall Pro 

5. Buildertrend 

6. Enterprise 

7. BizScheduler 

8. Skimmer

1. How to accept digital payments via the pool service app?

Digital payments are transactions that take place through a digital interface and don't involve cash. Some of the options that you can use are Stripe and Paypal.

2. How can I send service renewal bills to my existing clients?

You can use integrations like QuickBooks or Xero to send bills and invoices to your existing clients.

3. Do I need a customer service integration for my pool service app?

Yes, you are in the service business, so a tool like Zendesk can help you. It can allow customers to get in touch with you quickly in case of complaints, queries and more. It also allows you to retain irritated customers by resolving the issue. 

1. In software, what does "no-code" mean?

No-code is a way to make and use apps that doesn't require you to know how to code or use a programming language.

2. What are the pros of using no-code?

1. It's easy to make changes to no-code apps.

2. You can easily alter the software.

3. Maintenance is quick.

4. Use features that your small business requires

3. Which is the best no-code platform?

1. Airtable

2. Utilize

3. Appy Pie

4. Glide

4. How easy is it to change no-code apps?

No-code apps are surprisingly easy to alter; most of the time, you don't even need to know how to code.


As pool service tools become the core of pool service businesses, it becomes even more important to look at how your tools and processes work together to deliver the best experience to customers. Especially when it comes to new software adoption, it becomes imperative to understand the ins and outs of that software and how well it satisfies your business needs. 

At UTILIZE, we help you understand the software and how you can adopt it based on your business processes.