Digital transformation in Field Service Management

All of these problems might seem urgent enough to prevent you from sleeping for at least a few nights. However, there is a way to maximize both the fieldwork activities of your technicians and the revenue of your business. The solution is field service management software, and it can assist you in finding solutions to numerous issues. Let’s find out how!

Why Switch to an FSM Software?

If you’re feeling lost or confused about switching to an FSM software solution, don’t stress about it. Make a rational decision only once you’re convinced that FSM software is the future. Here are the top 7 reasons why you need to get FSM software as soon as possible - 

Top 7 Reasons to switch to FSM Software 

Better Customer Satisfaction

The goal of field service management software is to optimize all phases of the service lifecycle, starting with the customer's initial request and ending with the final billing. By allocating service assignments to technicians who are available and have the necessary skill set for the work, as well as by anticipating the need for replacement parts, software with automated planning capabilities can dramatically minimize client wait times. With this kind of solution, you may increase the likelihood that the problem will be fixed the first time by giving your technicians the best chance to do so on the first visit and make your client happy with faster results.

According to a study done by the American company Aberdeen, when a problem is fixed during the technician's first visit, customer satisfaction rises by more than 20%. To accomplish this, field service management software is a potent asset.

Satisfaction of Technicians

A generational shift is currently taking place in the field services sector. Veterans are getting harder to find as more and more young individuals enter the field. The tools that are utilized and how the job is perceived are both evolving. "Digital natives" who are accustomed to utilizing smartphones and mobile apps are becoming more and more prevalent among technicians. At work, they anticipate doing the same. This generation won't be satisfied with working with tonnes of paper, following strict timetables, or losing time due to inefficient travel arrangements. Instead, they are seen pushing the management for good FSM software because it:

  • Simplifies their life

  • Eliminates a margin of error

  • Increases efficiency and decreases the processes of administrative work

  • Enables them to focus on value-added tasks in core business activities

Improvement with Better Technology

You are constantly coping with clients who are demanding more and higher levels of customer service, and that can only be done better when you implement effective FSM software. Additionally, field service management software grants access to the technologies that are transforming how business is conducted by:

  • Scheduling with artificial intelligence

  • Using augmented reality to solve problems on the spot

  • Predictive analysis using the Internet of Things to foresee failures

  • Virtual reality for technical training

Better Scheduling

One of the main concerns facing technicians and dispatchers is scheduling. Real-time scheduling, provided by FSM software, notifies technicians right away when a new job is planned.

An on-field technician getting notifications for real-time scheduling updates on the field service management software -

You can optimize appointment scheduling using the majority of FSM software. You simply need to choose the most efficient route between jobs with the help of this function. A skill management function is also available in FSM software. You can enter the qualifications of your technicians and record information about their education. You can check skill sets when scheduling a project to make sure the tech has the appropriate training. Hence, every possible area of scheduling optimization is covered by good FSM software.

Better Business & Higher Turnover

It is the unwritten business guideline that it is simpler and less expensive to retain current clients than to acquire new ones. Customer loyalty is quickly strengthened when customer satisfaction levels are raised, which is very much possible by good FSM software, as we discussed above. Additionally, happy consumers are more inclined to recommend the business to others, and positive word of mouth attracts new clients. It's a beneficial cycle. Once you get FSM software, you can centralize all of your customer information and guarantee that technicians always have access to it.

In fact, for small businesses, which can use much simpler and more effective FSM solutions like UTILIZE, the investment is lesser, and they can, without doubt, expect better performance with timely deployment. 

Higher Data Security

Service providers and their technicians frequently possess sensitive client data. Think of businesses that are experts at setting up electronic security systems in financial institutions or nuclear power facilities. It's crucial that neither client information nor floor layouts displaying system locations end up in the wrong hands. You can use secure servers, the cloud, and other methods to protect electronic data with field service management software. This cannot be done with paper and is dangerous for both the service provider and its clients.

Improved Activity Monitoring

Dashboards offered by field service management software let you keep track of the development of important performance indicators. You can choose wisely and at the appropriate moments if you have a comprehensive, full view of the operations of technicians. Additionally, you are better positioned to honor contractual obligations for first-time fix rates, guaranteed service periods, and repair times.

Make the FSM software Switch with UTILIZE

Now that you know there are only upsides to a good field service ERP for small businesses or any business, for that matter, the next step is to assess and choose the right software for your company. We have a solution for that as well. Click here to read about the key features you should be looking for in good FSM software.

If you want to steer clear of overwhelmingly complicated field service management software for small businesses especially, go ahead and book a demo for Utilize, one of the easiest solutions to your field service problems. Without bombarding you with features that you might not even need, we stick to what your business needs and improve efficiency just how you like. Go ahead, give it a try today!