Your pool service business is growing every month with more customers. Manual transaction entries are no longer the way for a fast-growing business like yours. Scaling a pool service business is easier with the help of technology and adopting integrations that are essential for your pool service business.
 Accounting software like Quickbooks will put off most of the bookkeeping tasks from your shoulders. 

Quickbooks is a cloud accounting software by Inuit which caters to the bookkeeping needs of small and medium businesses. It helps you track sales, create effective invoices and connect to bank accounts to automatically import transactions. Quickbooks is the choice of accounting software for more than 29 million businesses in the United States.

Technology does not limit itself to just accounting but manages the complete business-related data. Pool service software is an all-in-one software for pool service businesses to manage their business seamlessly, from onboarding a customer to collecting payments. If you are someone who is already using QuickBooks to automate your accounts, this is the right blog for you to choose the perfect pool service software.

In this article, we’ll talk about the step-by-step process of Quickbooks integration and the best pool service software that support Quickbooks integration.

This article will help you to make the most of software to effectively grow your business.

How to integrate QuickBooks with Pool Service Software?

Integrating any pool service software with QuickBooks is quite simple. Here are 6 steps to integrate QuickBooks with Pool Service Software.

  1. Before integrating, go through the QuickBooks company checklist to understand sync errors and work zones. 

  2. Log into QuickBooks and click on Apps, as shown in the image below.

Click on apps after logging into the QuickBooks dashboard for QuickBooks integration

3. Search for the app category 'Field Service Management' to find relevant apps.

Search for the app category 'Field Service Management' for QuickBooks Integration

4. Select the app/ software you want to integrate with
    QuickBooks and click on Get App Now.

Select the software you want to integrate with QuickBooks and click on Get App now for QuickBooks Integration

        5. Once the pool service software is connected with
you can make additional settings here.

Once the pool service software is connected to QuickBooks, you can make changes on the QuickBooks dashboard

6. You will be able to see client data, job information,
     timesheets, and work calendars in QuickBooks
     now after the integration.

Refer to integration documentation by QuickBooks Intuit if you get stuck with any errors or difficulties.

5 pool service software that supports QuickBooks Integration?

Here is a list of the 5 best pool service software that unlocks additional benefits with QuickBooks.


The Jobber Software Dashboard that supports QuickBooks Integration

Jobber helps businesses with job management, customer service, and business operations. With Jobber, you can manage your business and back-and-forth with customers from one place. Estimate, quote, schedule, invoice, and get paid with no software experience.

Once integrated with QuickBooks, Jobber syncs invoices, payments, and payment methods. This reduces manual work and presents error-free data. 

The basic(core) version of Jobber starts at $39 per month. You can begin exploring Jobber with a 14-day free trial.


The Housecall Software Dashboard that supports QuickBooks Integration and other features like 'create estimates', 'schedule & dispatch jobs', 'get paid instantly', 'boost your reviews'

Housecall is a home services business software that helps streamline business processes, scale the business, manage money records, and enhance customer experience.

It is simple to integrate Housecall with QuickBooks Online. All you need to do is find the QuickBooks Online app in the Housecall integrations section. Make sure to select the right bank account you use in QuickBooks for smooth integration. The system uses a bank account to pull transactions from Housecall to QuickBooks.

This integration helps you focus more on growing your pool care business and automate business operations like Bookkeeping, customer management, employee management, etc.

The basic version of Housecall starts at $49 per month with a free trial of 14 days.


Synchroteam focuses on managing a mobile workforce that includes employee time tracking, GPS location of employees, assigning jobs, and creating payroll.

Customers always want to know the update on the job. Providing them with an app that posts updates automatically keeps the customer informed. Such small gestures matter to customers. Synchroteam has put in efforts to devise features to not only solve your problems but also help with customer experience. 

Quick view of jobs scheduled and assigned on Synchroteam

Here is a quick view of jobs scheduled and assigned on Synchroteam. The monthly subscription to Synchroteam costs $31 with a free trial of 14 days.

Intuit Field Service Management ES

Intuit's flagship Field Service Management is a web-based field service application that works well with QuickBooks. It's designed to help service businesses manage employees, customers, and expenses without unnecessary paperwork or slow manual processes. 

Intuit's products do this with work orders and scheduling, built-in GPS maps, and a central repository of equipment/job information.

Field Service Management ES can also create instant invoices, accept mobile payments, and email receipts to customers. Timecard and payroll functionality and recurring maintenance billing are add-ons that need to be purchased separately.

You can only subscribe annually to Inuit FSM starting at $1740/ year with no free trial.


The Utilize app sample apps list includes 'vendor management', 'B2B E-Commerce', 'Payment Reconciliation'

After considering different pool service software for your business, you might have felt the scarcity of custom features. All the above software are the best in their own way but have standard features.

They are great for businesses that do not change much. As a growing pool service business, you are bound to change every quarter. In such a scenario, it is only wise to invest your valuable time in a no-code software like Utilize.

You can build your own custom features by drag and drop. You can connect your existing data from Google sheets to Utilize and build a customizable app. You can also integrate Quickbooks with Utilize. How? Since Utilize is always synced to Google sheets, all you have to do is link Quickbooks to Google Sheets, and you will have Quickbooks integrated into Utilize field service apps. You can read more on how to link QuickBooks to Google Sheets on Make (formerly Integromat)

And guess what? Utilize is completely free. You can start here by signing up.

Why is Integration with QuickBooks necessary?

If you are using multiple tools or software for your business, integrations are the best way to make the most out of every software.

QuickBooks strongly supports integration with third-party apps, making it the most flexible app for integrations. Here are a few benefits unlocked with integration.

  • Eliminate manual entry: As a business, having all the information in one place is crucial. To achieve this, most businesses enter data manually from one software to another. For example, the customer details are stored in the pool service CRM software, and invoice information is in QuickBooks. By integrating pool service software with QuickBooks, the information can flow from one to another in real time.

  • Reports at the customer level: You need not generate separate reports for invoicing, payments, agent performance, and customer details. QuickBooks integration with pool service software helps you see all the reports on a single dashboard.

  • Manage employee payrolls: Employee time is tracked on pool service applications in the form of timesheets. These sheets will be automatically uploaded to QuickBooks in real time for your approval. The wages can be calculated accordingly by payroll.

  • Collect Cash payments: You can generate invoices instantly and update payment status on QuickBooks and send the customer an automated receipt through pool service software.


Even though QuickBooks is the best platform to manage accounts, it serves more effectively as backend software. To present yourself as a professional business in front of your customers, it is crucial to invest in pool service software that can manage end-to-end business operations. 

The pool service industry is picking up post-pandemic. There are 12.24 thousand pool service businesses in the US as of 2022. Stand out with quick and systematic service by using flexible pool service software for your business.