Window Cleaning Services

Many home service companies need to catch up to what customers anticipate. Customer expectations for speed and quality of service are higher than ever because of the availability of streaming services and same-day deliveries.

A window cleaning service has a consistent customer base. A window cleaning business encounters a variety of daily issues with a clientele that ranges from modest mansions to large MNCs.

Top features for window cleaning software

Even though these small service providers typically have the most significant resources, a disorganized operation frequently hinders customer development and client retention. With the most adaptable and configurable window cleaning software, you can streamline your field operations and provide the finest service possible.

Given the high number of software packages available for window cleaning services, small businesses may need help selecting the best software. Therefore, finding the proper software should be done carefully and based on pertinent data.

What is window cleaning software?

Business owners use window cleaning software to coordinate and manage daily operations. It implies that clients, quotes, scheduling, dispatching, time tracking, billing, and payments can all be handled on a single platform.

The best action for your window cleaning business is to implement the software that works for your firm. Employing software according to your needs can seem intricate and complex to achieve. With a vast section of software available in the market, you must understand your requirements. Do you need help in scheduling and dispatch, or are you unable to handle the estimates and invoices manually?

Software adoption for the window cleaning business can be challenging, though, mainly if you are unaware of the available features or, more precisely, the ones your company needs.

Features required for window cleaning app

To better understand the features, you must prioritize your needs while purchasing window cleaning software. Refer to this blog, as it entails an extensive checklist of features that will make your software adoption process easy.

You can also choose to use a no-code tool to create bespoke software or use the below checklist to understand the features you need and select a software that offers those features.

 Choosing the right window cleaning software

Please take the time to thoroughly read our framework, as it will assist you in making a decision and selecting the best window-cleaning tool.

1. Know your solution

As mentioned above, there is numerous software in the market. Once the problem you are facing is defined, you can choose the best software.

  • FSM software

Field Service Management (FSM) software centralizes, automates, and optimizes corporate resources. It enables businesses to deliver a more dependable and efficient service, increasing customer satisfaction and client retention rates. They also provide subscription plans with various features, making it easier for you to choose.

  • No-Code tool

No-Code tools are highly customizable. Business apps can be created utilizing drag-and-drop interfaces, pre-built short codes or blocks with less to no coding required. Because it is as easy as dragging and dropping, you will need fewer technicians.

  • Developers

Everything from operating systems to apps is built by developers who design and create the code from scratch. Not only will this be an expensive turn, but it is permanent as there's less customization approval in this phase.

2. Know your requirements

Every software search begins with thoroughly comprehending the fundamental tools and characteristics you want. This seems obvious at this point. Unfortunately, only a few companies consider this before acquiring and installing new software.

To categorize the features and integrations that are essential for your business, you will need to assess the size of your company and the efficiency of your crew.

It doesn't mean that a decent window cleaning software has to provide a lot of features. Usually, small businesses only require some of the features. Good software should be simple and have a valuable set of customizable features.

Feature to run your window cleaning business

For a window cleaning business, having software that helps you manage your cash flow and gets you paid faster is a boon. Installing the right window cleaning tool can help you collect a deposit before breaking ground, safely store your client's credit card, and immediately bill them after completion.

You can also allow online bookings; this creates a sense of commitment in your customer's mind making it easier for you to gain clients. Installing the perfect window cleaning software will make sending customers custom texts and auto-notifications easy.

3. Know the software

Once you are clear on what are your problems and solutions that you target, your next steps should be:

Make a list of the features and integrations you want, and then compare different software to discover which one best meets your needs. Before using the software, compare its cost, degree of customization, and mobile friendliness.

This will give you a fair idea of which software fits your company the best.

4. Try the software

Try the platform to check whether it caters to and ticks all the elements you want in your window cleaning software, regardless of whether you opted to go with an FSM software, a no-code tool, or a development agency. Trying it out will give you a clear idea of whether your decision to use this particular software was correct.

How to use features and integration checklists?

The feature & integration checklist in this blog will assist you in understanding your needs and determining what features are essential for your window cleaning tool.

You can utilize the checklist by rating each feature according to your small business's needs and priorities. The level of importance are:

P1- High Priority

P2- Low Priority

P3- Not Needed 

Features checklist for window cleaning software 

Capture Digital Signature

 Make it easy for your clients to capture digital signatures on contracts and other documents. 


Keep track of all your payments in one place. Know how much you earned and invested in running your window cleaning business! 


You can use this feature to streamline the process of bill collection.

Quote Management

You can negotiate with your customers with the help of this feature. Send them a quote online for a particular service and give them a chance to respond for the same. 

Consumer Financing

Allow clients to pay in easy installments by giving them the option of financing.

Quote Approval and Follow-ups

Window cleaning business owners can approve the quotes from their customers via the app. Even the team and the customer can give negotiation and follow ups through the software.

Online Bookings

You can offer various options to your customer to book meetings with you via window cleaning software. You can take bookings through social media platforms, Google Search, and your website. 

Customer Management

You can use this feature to view your customer's data and update their records like contact information, deposit and payment transactions. 

Customer Portal

Have a customer portal that allows customers to check your service, book appointments, and communicate their queries. 

Customer Notifications

Receive notifications from the client when they pay the bill or upload their documents.

Reports and Analytics

It can help small window cleaning business owners in bookkeeping to digitize receipts and track finances.

Mobile Friendly

You or your employees can access all the data on your window cleaning software through your phone.

Inventory Management

Multiple appointments can be challenging, but with inventory management, you can keep track of the window cleaning jobs that you have on hand.

Create Custom Work-Flows

This helps you create custom workflows for your internal processes of assigning work orders to staff, following up with customers and more.


Schedule jobs for your employees for the next week or month so that they have clarity on their tasks.

Job Management

Ensure your employees are finishing the assigned service orders.

Job Checklists

Create a task checklist for your employees and yourself, and check it at the end of the day.

Employee Timesheet Management

Keep a tab on your employees by checking their time to finish a task for a particular account. 

Employee Notifications

Talk to your employees via the app and ask them for updates on pending tasks.

Recurring Jobs

Create a reminder for your employees for the recurring window cleaning jobs that they have to do.

Site Inspection Checklist

Create an inspection checklist so that you remember to check any area and make sure that no window area on the property is left unattended.

On-Site Assessments

You can have a feature of on-site assessments included in the window cleaning app, where your employees can fill in details about new appointments.

Email Marketing

Please email potential clients and encourage them to do business with you with the help of this feature.

GPS Tracking/ Map View

Allow clients and employees to track your time-stamped records of the start and end times of your field staff's shift.

 In-App Communication

Talk to your employees via the app and ask them for updates on pending tasks like finishing service orders, following up on leads, and more.

Offline Access

Access all your data and customer information from anywhere. Stay connected with work wherever you go. 

Online Requests

Give payment or meeting requests online to your customer. 

Service Authorization Forms

You can provide service authorization forms to your customers and ask them to authorize permissions to field staff once they reach the venue.

List of Integrations- A Checklist

You will have to decide which integrations are crucial for your window-cleaning business based on the size of your organization and the stage you are in.

We have created a list of integrations, and based on your business size and requirements, you can choose the ones that enhance your small business processes. 

Category of Integrations

 Payment Integration

It allows you to send and accept payments from your clients, service staff and employees. Some popular payment integration tools are, Paypal, Profit Rhino, Stripe, and Wordplay.


Accounting integration helps you to make the payment process more manageable, monitor expenses and bills and generate reports like balance sheets. Accounting integrations that you can explore for your small business are Fundbox, Quickbooks, ResponseiBid, Sage Intacct, Sage 50, and Xero.


Marketing integrations help you to email and social media campaigns to acquire leads. Some of the integrations to use with your property management tool are Broadly and Mailchimp.

Automation Tool

It creates automated workflows across 5000+ apps so you can move faster. Workato and Zapier are some of the popular tools.

Popular tools like Google Local Search and Thumbtack help you to list your business locally and advertise it to a larger audience.

Storage and Documentation

Store all your client data and their appointments for window cleaning in one place with Dropbox Business, Google Drive and Microsoft Excel.

Customer insights and Analytics

This tool helps you to gain a perspective of customer insights and analytics. Tools that help you check this are Convert, Google Analytics and Mixpanel.

Customer Reviews

It helps encourage clients to leave reviews which will be good for your publicity. Popular tools for the same are BirdEye, NiceJob and SendJim.

Customer Communication

It helps you to be available on various platforms to communicate with customers. Integrations that you can explore are Podium, Twilio and Zendesk.


It helps you to deliver good customer service. Tools to consider integrating with window cleaning apps are Dynamics 365, Freshdesk, Hubspot, Salesforce, Zendesk and Zoho CRM.

Team Communication

Collaborate with team members and take updates on tasks easily with popular tools like CompanyCam, Google Workspace, Microsoft Outlook, Naturalforms, Slack, Zoom, Google Calendar, Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Zoho.

HR and Payroll

Stabilize internal processes like leave management and salary for employees with ADP Workforce now, Gusto and Workday HCM.


Integrate the shopping experience on the window cleaning tool with Shopify, Woo commerce, and Adobe Commerce.

It's always good to compare this list if you already use another integration.


Now that you know all the features and integrations required to run a successful window-cleaning business, run a comparative check on the available software.

The software usually provides a wide range of functions, some of which may not be appropriate for your firm's stage and others you may never use. 

You will need a few features to operate your window cleaning business smoothly as a small business. So, refer to this checklist and decide your priorities accordingly. 

Consider using a no-code tool to create your window cleaning software, as they are more straightforward and customizable. To know more about no-code tools, check out UTILIZE. You can even book a demo call to understand the adoption process better.