Build ready-to-use apps 
for your business

without writing a single line of code

Be it for managing sales or employees, tracking inventory or accounting

You can create and customise highly functional apps effortlessly

Why should you Utilize?


Every business is unique. So is the technology you use

You will need apps that fit into your business. Not the other way round. Write rules unique to your business and create desirable software components instantly.


 Creating apps is as easy as A B C

Customise your app with an easy-to-use interface and simple English commands. Manage your app data with a familiar Excel-like interface.


 Do not pay for features you won't use.

Other business software give a sense of control, until one day you realise you use only 10% of the functionality you were sold on. Build the features you need, pay for the features you build.  

How will you Utilize?

Select from App Base

Browse our app base for popular apps and select an app that fits your need. These apps are predefined with features and workflows that you can later modify. Alternatively, skip this step to create your own app.

Update Business Concepts

Concepts are entities that you want to track or organise with your app and constitute the core of your business. Simply put, concepts form a tab in your app navigation. In this step, you define concepts and the relationships between them.

Import Data

You can migrate old data of your business concepts by importing spreadsheets from Excel or Google sheets. This way we make it easy for you to get started with the new app.

Update Features & Edit UI

Features are the operations you perform on business concepts using the app. Simple features include listing [show a list of purchase orders], adding [add a new deal], updating [update customer details]

Create Workflows

Workflows are trigger-action pairs that will make your app more productive. In other words, workflows let you automate the little things in your business to create high impact


Your app is all set and ready to be utilized. Share the link to your users and begin using the app instantly. You can edit your app anytime and instantly publish the changes in a single click.

Do not develop software. Do not subscribe to software. Utilize software.

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