Property managers have a lot of moving parts on their plates. They have to keep up with the continuous demands of their properties, prepare for future tenants, check for maintenance on existing properties, keep track of the budget and so on.

Previously, property managers kept track of everything by delving into spreadsheets, emails, and regular paperwork. Although, with the introduction of technology, it is possible to automate mundane tasks and save time.

Many property businesses, irrespective of their size, are making the technological shift. Property management software helps small businesses with the operations of their residential and commercial properties. They send reminders to tenants for contract renewals and even collect rent. It can further help them to manage their internal team. 

Good property maintenance management software can help you to run an efficient business and offer you the scope to grow. However, finding the right software can take time, as there are many options in the market.

It would help if you started by listing your goals, processes, and the tasks you want to automate. Based on that, you can look for different software and choose the one that aligns the best with your goals. 

How to choose the best property management software? 

Enlisting your business requirements can help you to make an informed choice when it comes to software. Start by asking questions like what you want your software to do. Do you want it to handle lease management, tenant communication and automation of maintenance tasks?

These are all crucial elements of a successful business. Although, as a small business, you might not require all of them immediately. So, choose a property management software that can be customized based on your needs. Check our blog if you are confused about which questions to ask before choosing the right software. 

There are various kinds of software that help you to create property maintenance software for your business. However, any software has an array of features as they want to cater to every need of their clients. But you need to be clear on which features you currently wish to use as they might not even be relevant to your business, still you will have to pay for them.

The different types of software solutions that you can choose for your real estate business are:

1. Field Service Management software (FSM)

It is a popular kind of software solution. With this property management software, you can automate processes, send invoices, list properties and more. 

They offer flexibility in pricing and subscription packages, but this pre-developed system has little to no room for customization. This software offers features that you might never use in your business but still have to pay for. If you want to learn more about FSM software, check out this blog

2. No-Code Tools

For no-code tools, you don't need a technical coder. You can easily embed your business into these software platforms. The user can apply a seamless drag-and-drop method and get a clear understanding of the development phase. 

The interface is simple, and you can customize features based on your industry-specific business. The most exciting factor is that no-code tools will help you to save money and let your business evolve in the most natural order. Try checking out platforms like Utilize and Glide.

3. Developer Agencies

If you want complete control of your business with any software, there is always an alternate pathway to create software for your real-estate business from scratch. Although, it is a cost-hungry method and will be rational only for a large and diverse team. You should have a dedicated tech team to handle the timely customizations and updates.    

Once you have decided on which kind of property maintenance management software you want to opt for, you should verify other things like:

  • Is the platform local or cloud?
  • Is it mobile-friendly?
  • Does it support third-party integrations, and if you have an existing system, will you be able to incorporate it into the app?
  • Do you have a scope for customizations?
  • How good is the software’s customer support?
  • Does it sit well with your budget? 

9 Best Property Management Software

1. Jobber

Jobber is a one-stop shop for anything related to field services. It works best with small and medium-sized businesses. As a property manager, you can consistently impress your customers by helping them to choose properties, sign contracts and send tariffs.


  • Client Manager

Keep track of important client details like property contracts, rental agreements and more from anywhere on any device.

  • Client Hub

It is a self-service feature that allows your clients to approve property quotes, pay invoices, set appointments and more.

  • Scheduling

This allows you to schedule jobs like creating a contract for a tenant or listing a property for your employees in real-time. 

  • Job details and attachments

Track everything about a scheduled job, and ask for updates from your team member via notes, photos or files.

  • Quoting

Get paid faster with professional and customizable templates. Ask for signature approvals from clients and remind them about pending payments. 


  • Well-organized workflow from giving a quote to finishing the task
  • Easily to use and makes time management more effective
  • Outstanding customer support
  • Simple interface that helps to keep track of ongoing tasks


  • Less scope for customizing reports using job fields or custom fields

  • Difficult to issue refunds to clients

  • Lack of compulsory custom fields, which makes you forget to fill out essential data on quotes and invoices

  • Difficult to export reports to excel



It is beneficial for property managers as it is a cloud-based accounting software that helps you keep track of your finances. 


It is a payment processing software that helps collect payments from landlords and tenants online or in the field. 

Check which other integrations Joberr offers. 

Customizability and Mobile Friendliness

Joberr has scope for customizability, but it is limited and available in higher plans only. The software is both web and mobile-friendly. 

Good Review: Paul Hoslin, HOA Property Manager, says that they use it for the maintenance division of their property management company. It is very user-friendly and efficient as per their requirement. 

Bad Review: Elizabeth H says she has found it challenging to sync invoices paid via Jobber. She also has concerns regarding integration with QuickBooks.

Pricing: After a 14-day free trial, you must pay $49/month for the core plan. 

2. HouseCall Pro

HouseCall Pro is based on a cloud operating system that helps you to work more efficiently, save time and exceed client expectations. This property management software helps in scheduling tasks, collecting payments, dispatching a technician, and invoicing. 

Check this property maintenance software today


  • Easy Schedule and dispatch

The software has a drag-and-drop feature that helps schedule tasks for your employees, organize calendars, and send messages to property maintenance technicians for functions.

  • Customer Management

Asking for their quotes on properties, sending personalized payment invoice alerts, and giving confirmation emails to close the tasks.

  • Easy to book

Customers can check availability and book appointments for property visits from your social media and website.

  • Estimating

Send custom, one-click calculates that turn into invoices. 


  • Easy scheduling option for payment invoice

  • Customer-friendly user interface 

  • Mobile-friendly


  • Challenging to create legally binding contracts

  • No proper inventory management system

  • Poor customer service


Google Sheets

Create, edit and share spreadsheets of your data to get automated insights. 


It is a workflow automation tool that helps you connect various apps with your property management software to move information between them. 

Check which other integrations Housecall Pro offers. 

Customizability and Mobile Friendliness

It does not have any scope for customizability, but it is web and mobile-friendly. 

Good Review: Rosemary P says that HCP has rapidly helped her grow her business. 

Bad Review: Derek R has found it extremely difficult while using online scheduling, which got them losing data of customers. It takes multiple days to schedule a job.

Pricing: After a 14-day free trial, you must pay $49/month for the basic plan.

3. ServiceTitan

ServiceTitan offers the best integrations and services for your property management software. It allows you to schedule meetings for property visits and accepts payments from tenants. 

Accept tenant payments with this property management software


  • Call Bookings

 It automatically integrates customer information into CSR to make quick appointment bookings. 

  • Timesheet

The software customizes real-time timesheets for staff and contractors and facilitates performance pay. It also logs employees’ start times and overtime. 

  • Payments

There is flexibility in payment options, where photos can be clicked of cheques and credit cards from the field itself. You can also send a personalized payment link to the customers. 


  • Reliable workflow

  • Continuous software updates

  • Nice mobile experience


  • Bad customer support

  • The material management module needs work

  • The interface is not that simple and user-friendly



It connects easily with Zapier, which is a workflow automation tool. Zapier allows ServiceTitan to connect with thousands of other apps to make your work easy. 


It helps you to send up follow-up requests on upcoming tasks to your team members. 

Check other integrations of ServiceTitan. 

Customizability and Mobile Friendliness

Their service forms and reports are completely customizable. The software has an excellent mobile interface, and it is web-friendly too. 

Good Review: Stephanie P says it has streamlined her business regarding office work and sales tasks.

Bad Review: Dan L. considers ServiceTitan a ‘dismal failure’.

Pricing- They have 3 plans, and you can request pricing for each one on the website.

4. Workiz

Workiz is a flexible property maintenance software that allows you to manage your real estate business from one place. You can schedule jobs for your team members and even bill your clients.

Best property maintenance management software


  • Job Scheduling

You can quickly schedule or reschedule a job with the drag-and-drop feature on the calendar. Teams can be dispatched seamlessly, and you can customize workflows per your business needs. 

  • Payments

Accept online payments anywhere at any time from your clients. You can send payment requests, estimates and invoices from anywhere. 

  • Communication Suite for call and messaging

Never miss a client’s call, as it has a call queue feature. Also, book meetings with clients even if you are unavailable with the app’s 24x7 virtual receptionist.  


  • Easy to operate and access

  • Can add pictures for each job

  • Offers seamless phone number and lead tracking system

  • Great customer support


  • Inefficient document customization

  • QuickBooks transfer is not smooth, and the user has to enter most of the transactions manually

  • Cannot switch off the job notifications

  • Have to import contacts manually



Integrate this feature in your property management software to give your tenants an interest-free payment plan of four installments to pay your brokerage. 

Google Calendar

Integrate with the property maintenance app to keep track of all client meetings and stay on top of your schedule. 

Check more integrations here.

Customizability and Mobile Friendliness

Workiz has a lot of flexibility, allowing you to customize fields for employee tasks and client forms. You can customize the online booking portal and create custom client documents from scratch. The mobile app is also available on the Google and Apple stores.

Good Review: Jason B. says that customer support is top-notch.

Bad Review: A verified user says the system has many bugs. 

Pricing: The software is free for 2 members for life. Premium plans start from $225/month for 5 members. 

5. Skedulo

Skedulo helps schedule, manage, and access mobile field jobs for the real estate industry. For your property maintenance app, you can schedule, collect, engage and analyze the workflow from your mobile. It is an excellent option for small businesses as it offers deskless productivity cloud technology.

Good property maintenance app for small business


  • Centralize communication

Discuss specific jobs like creating tenant contracts with the mobile app. Also, stay in touch with the property maintenance field staff and ask them to upload photos and videos when the job is done. 

  • Self-service bookings
  • Let your clients book appointments for property visits, inspections and more on their own with self-service calendars instead of back-and-forth emails. 
  • Integrate digital safety forms

Equip your brokers, agents, inspectors and field staff with the help of digital safety forms for a secure site in and out. 


  • Accessible communication features for teams

  • Practical and concise user interface

  • Good customer support

  • Customizable and seamless integration into external systems


  • No privacy as the entire staff can see each other’s timesheet

  • It does not refresh automatically after completing a job, and the page needs to be refreshed manually.

  • Software becomes leggy when there are 8 to 10 employees with diverse schedules.

  • It does not let the user make changes to the forms.



It is a tremendous cloud-based software that allows you to manage property sales, customer service, marketing automation and application development.


Integrating this app into your property management software allows you to move beyond the regular ERP. Instead, add all the details of your properties and owners faster with Workday, and make your data more visual and easy to find. 

Customizability and Mobile Friendliness

You can easily customize Skedulo based on your business requirements. It is one of the best mobile software and is not available on the web. 

Good Review: Annie Z says that Skedulo does what it is intended to do, and the tracking feature is excellent.

Bad Review: Clint E. says there are too many steps and minimal information for call dispatch. 

Pricing- They have 3 plans, and you must contact them via their website to know the pricing.

6. Zuper

Zuper is a unified property management software built for property managers. You can manage properties efficiently by scheduling and dispatching work ordered with recurring jobs. 

Property maintenance management app for small business owners


  • Schedule and dispatch quickly

Turn a service request into a work order for your field services technicians like property inspectors and agents.

  • Route Optimizations

Help your field service professionals with the help of Zuper's route optimization to the best possible route for the next property. 

  • Well-integrated

Zuper is integrated with more than 30 apps to manage your business workflow efficiently.


  • Send professional invoices in minutes

  • Get instant insights into processes and contractor efficiency

  • Give quick property estimates to clients and convert them into clients

  • Excellent team collaboration with configurable alerts and notifications


  • Dependency on the Zuper team to create custom reports

  • Lack of an accounting module

  • Does not support fleet management features

  • The app interface is confusing



As a small business owner, this app will be helpful to you as it will allow you to send job updates and receive time sheets from your team.


Manage the expenses of your field staff with the help of this expense management tool.

Customizability and Mobile Friendliness

Zuper is entirely customizable, and the company even tailors the pricing based on your requirements. It has a mobile app for iOS and Android. 

Good Review: Ankur J. says Zuper has quick integration and a seamless experience.

Bad Review: A verified user said Zuper still needs a lot of improvement in field navigation.

Pricing- They have 2 plans, and a free demo is also available. You will have to contact them for more details.

7. Appfolio

It is an intuitively designed property management software that helps you to delight your staff and tenants. Appfolio is smartly automated so that you can focus on your business. Also, it is built for any business size. 

Best property management software


  • Communication Service

Simplify your tenant's life and maintain operations with online portals that are accessible through a mobile app.

  • Marketing and leasing

The software offers frictionless prospect and resident experiences that help you fill empty properties within minutes from lead to lease.

  • AI leasing assistant

Remove distractions for your leasing team with a 24/7 assistant that responds to inquiries. 


  • Owners and tenants can have their own portal

  • Great features and functionality to keep track of all the property listings

  • Easily send maintenance request forms to clients

  • Accept payments easily


  • Difficult to transmit data from an existing system

  • Challenging to select email audiences

  • Can only setup automatic dues for monthly cycles

  • No feature to delete a tenant



It is an excellent addition to your property maintenance app as it can help you to speed up leasing with interactive sitemaps that allow prospects to explore pricing, availability, virtual tours and more. 


Reduce your legal costs and double data entry by enabling electronic leasing forms.

Check more integrations here.

Customizability and Mobile Friendliness

It is a custom-made solution that allows you to change the fields per your requirements. It is mobile-friendly and compatible with PCs, Macs and tablets. 

Good Review: One of the users says that this software helps her to manage all her client's properties efficiently. 

Bad Review: The user found an issue with the feature that doesn't allow you to delete a tenant. She leases properties to college students, which makes her change the leases frequently, and this feature is quite irritating.  

Pricing- They offer a free demo and have 2 premium plans that start from $1.40/unit for a month.

8. Praxedo

It is a property management software useful for small and medium-sized businesses. With this software, you can create repair, maintenance, inspection and cleaning tasks for your team. It helps you to manage external contractors and keep your operating costs to a bare minimum. 

Best property maintenance software


  • Schedule service calls efficiently

Manage influx of calls smartly with the help of an intelligent tool which automatically assigns a technician based on the job.

  • Customer Portal

Keep the customers in the loop by sending automatic reminders on payments and work progress.

  • Schedule

Assign a work calendar to technicians and keep track of their tasks from anywhere. 


  • Adaptable with options for customizations

  • Great customer support

  • Easy to use and simple interface

  • Quick field data reporting


  • No mobile app for the manager

  • Difficult to gather large amounts of data

  • The server becomes slow when you add more team members

  • Need to improve the map module



It helps manage your property maintenance app's accounting, reporting, bookkeeping and finances. 


It is a project management tool that helps you monitor, develop and report activities with a single user interface. 

Customizability and Mobile Friendliness

It has a lot of features that can be customized. The mobile app is compatible with Android and iOS. 

Good Review: Mritunjay R. finds it user-friendly, economical and efficient. 

Bad Review: A user felt that feedback from customer support could be faster. 

Pricing- Basic plan starts from $33/month for a user.

9. Matidor

It is a simple-to-use, unified property maintenance management platform. It lets you visualize all your properties on a map and communicate with your team members to get all the required information.  

Top property maintenance apps


  • Draw property lines

Manage all your properties by drawing lines on a map to view on a live map.

  • Custom Reports

Choose a property and get an overview with custom reports to keep track of your important metrics.

  • Instant notifications

Get instant information about property issues from your team.


  • Document any property issues and archive the fixes

  • Easy team communication within the app

  • Share and visualize data of properties


  • No canned reporting feature is available

  • It has a phone logo, but clients cannot call

  • Offers lesser integrations



It is a workflow automation tool which allows your property management software to connect with various apps.


It is a cloud-based accounting solution that helps you with bookkeeping, accounting and managing finances. 

Check more integrations here.

Customizability and Mobile Friendliness

This property maintenance app is not completely customizable, but you can tweak a few fields based on your requirements. It is compatible with Android and Apple phones and tablets. 

Good Review: A user said the app is quick and helpful.

Bad Review: A verified customer said it was challenging to revise canned reporting.

Pricing- Their pricing is designed to fit your needs. You have to get in touch with them to know more.

Bottom Line

These were some of the best property maintenance management software. You can quickly compare the important features of the tools here:


Cost to entry


Mobile friendly


$0 for 14 days



HouseCall Pro

$0 for 14 days




Have to request pricing




$0 for 2 members




Have to request pricing




Have to request pricing




$1.40/unit for 30 days




$33/user for 30 days




Have to request pricing



Property maintenance software is unique in its way and has lots of features. But sometimes, as a small business owner, you might only need some of the features. 

This is when no-code tools like UTILIZE come in handy, as they are completely customizable and allow you to add necessary features based on your requirements. It is easy to use and build property management software with it. If you are still confused about how it works, head to UTILIZE to learn more.