The omnipresence of field services today is no surprise for us. From healthcare to telecom and education, the growth of field services has been remarkable. Along with this growth, the immediate need to efficiently manage these tasks has also been on the rise. To state the facts, the field service management market has been estimated to grow at a CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) of 11.9%, making it potentially a sector of USD 5.7 billion by 2026.  

What has the remarkable growth rate brought with it? Automation and necessity to standardize data. Enter: an array of field service management (FSM) software. If you know FSM well, you know the occasional blunder of an ill-maintained spreadsheet, the unavailability of precise data, and the horrors of missing out or losing important information.

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If FSM software is relatively newer to you, use this blog to learn about the top 10 Field Service Software. We also wrote a blog where we highlighted the top features you would need in a Field Service Software.

So, Why should you get a Field Service Management Software?

If you woke up on this bright day thinking about ‘Which is the best field service management software for my business?’, you have landed on the right page. I am here today to make your life easier by suggesting 10 simple questions that will help you get the answer to your main concern from this morning! But before that, let’s have a glance at the exact moments you know it's time to switch to a good FSM software:

  1. You’re in dire need of moving beyond spreadsheets

  2. You feel streamlining your processes is a must.

  3. You need to boost the productivity of your team.

  4. You don’t want to be inaccurate about day-to-day happenings.

  5. You want to digitize and improve responsiveness for your Field Service Agents.

  6. You are aiming to scale your business but without the scope of errors.

One thing I can assure you is that the list is longer and more subjective. However, if you relate to any or multiple of the reasons above, start asking yourself the following questions.

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Questions for choosing the perfect field service software

Common Questions About Field Service Software

1. Does the FSM software cover my Industry?

The question might seem redundant at the moment, but being committed to the selection process makes it perfect. As I said, FSM services extend to a plethora of industries and sectors. So the prime question you need to ask is, whether your industry is covered by the FSM software. For example, as an AC installation company, you would get better and more detail-oriented features in the best HVAC field service software than a general one. 

2. What Type of FSM software is ideal for the business?

As a medium or large business, you might have a decent or thriving tech team, with no worries in terms of writing codes. However, as a small business, a no-code tool is a much more viable option. If you are expanding, do you want to get into the hassles of dealing with coding issues? 

FSM software is generally pre-designed such as Workiz, or can be customized by developers such as SalesForce, or simple no-code tools such as Utilize. The question is what fits you best? 

3. What is the Pricing Model of the FSM software?

Value for money is a primary concern while running a business. So, while choosing your FSM software you should be extra sure that you are paying the best among the competitive pricing models. Take your time to prepare a budget, compare notes on multiple software and analyze if the features are worth the pocket pinch mentioned. 

4. What are the features that make the FSM software worth it?

Scheduling software for field service, dispatching, customer management, route mapping, and work order organization are all basic functions across field service management programs. Check out if the software can go one step ahead and provide something more life-easing than that.

If you want the field management software to solve a specific problem (such as minimizing paperwork or optimizing scheduling), speak with a company representative to make sure the system is right for you.

5. Is it Easy to Setup the Software & How long does it take?

Saving money is one thing and saving time is another. Especially when you’re looking to boost productivity or looking at quick solutions, you must know the software is user-friendly. Many might not exactly be tech-efficient or well-versed with their way around the software.

Get a clear understanding of how long it will take to set up the software and get the show running. 

6. Will I get any Specific Training or Support?

While transitioning from traditional to the digitization of field services, you might need proper training in seamlessly using the software. At least, you need to have the peace of mind that support is available in case of any glitches. 

Softwares like Odoo give you an expert opinion at the time of buying. Such support helps you get to speed with the features and functioning of the software before you purchase it.

7. Is there scope for Software Integrations?

Automation is not fully incomplete if you cannot centralize your business processes. Inquire about the field management system's compatibility with other business software, such as QuickBooks accounting software, Google Calendar, or even your payroll system. Is it possible to automate changes from mobile software to office records?

8. Can the FSM Software be Customised to fit my business needs?

Your business should adapt to the software, not the other way around. Inquire about how the program can be tailored to your specific needs. Is it possible to change the labels and language? Will your consumers be able to view your logo on invoices and emails? Is it possible to build or modify forms? You are not looking at hyper-customization, but at retaining a basic essence of your brand. 

Utilize is one FSM software that gets you the exact customizations you’re looking for. Their auto-created apps are handed over to you for customization on the basis of user, roles, or views. Get the app, just how you want!

9. How do Updates work for the FSM software?

Ideally, the best field service management software is one that comes up with minor updates regularly. Such updates are important as they generally add features and make life somewhat easier.

Ask questions about the frequency of updates, whether they are included in the package, do you initiate the updates, etc. 

10. Is the FSM software Scalable?

Growth is probably the most important factor in today’s world. So the last thing you want is to get used to a solution only to have to replace it because your company has grown. As your company grows, a software package that grows with it will make your life much easier.

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There you have it. Ten golden questions with one easy solution - the best field service management software. However, if you still find yourself getting stuck somewhere during this journey, Utilize is always up for a challenge. 

Providing customized solutions for FSM using our no-code tool is our secret superpower. Don’t hesitate to check our website or book a demo to get started!