Here are some questions you can ask yourself to assess software while picking a manufacturing ERP. Once you are aware of some foundational information, you can deep dive into finalizing that one software that can balance your manufacturing business.

Searching for alternatives for Unleashed?

Choosing Alternatives for Unleashed Manufacturing ERP

Are your considering Unleashed as your manufacturing software? If so, you must be knowing by now how it is a more inventory management-centric software. It is true that it has great features, however, that can go for a toss if you check out alternate manufacturing ERPs that are more niched and provide a lot more features at a better price range. Here are the Top 7 manufacturing ERPs you can try as alternatives to Unleashed -


Odoo is one of the top competitors in the world of Manufacturing ERPs owing to its expansive services and features. It is a comprehensive software program made to accommodate all business requirements, regardless of size (or budget). Their three-feature mantra of - Maintenance, Product Lifecycle Management, and Quality - makes it ideal for almost all manufacturing businesses. According to well-known reviews, Odoo has several combination search functions, and searching is quick and adaptable. The UI style is simple to use and is highly clean and uncluttered.


With the help of time tracking and complex task automation, Fishbowl Manufacturing's ERP helps users stay one step ahead of the competition. To make sure that products are delivered to customers on schedule, it simplifies manufacturing and keeps tabs on inventory.

Some of its main functions are work orders, bill of materials (BOM), shipping, inventory management, and barcode scanning.

Fishbowl falls under a lower price range than Unleashed and also is available on Microsoft Windows and Linux on-premise which is not the same as the case of Unleashed.


While Unleashed is a more inventory management-centric manufacturing ERP, ProShop is a great choice as it creates a complete Digital Manufacturing Ecosystem. It can be called one of the best manufacturing ERPs but it combines features from QMS, CMMS, MES, and ERP into one software. It has an easy and customizable deployment with monthly or yearly payment options. If you’re looking for something on a bigger scale compared to Unleashed, ProShop should be the go-to software without a doubt. 


More than 31,000 rapidly expanding businesses use the cloud-based business management platform created by NetSuite. This platform comprises a number of tools that firms may use to manage their operations, analyze their financial performance, and achieve significant cost reductions and efficiency gains. In comparison to Unleashed, Netsuite is a more generic choice but is perfect if your manufacturing business is expanding and you are witnessing a number of changes on a regular basis. 


If you’re a mid-sized manufacturing company, then upping yourself from Unleashed to Acumatica is a wise decision to make. For firms that can survive in the digital age, Acumatica Cloud ERP offers the greatest business management solution. It is designed for telework and mobile work environments and is easily connected with your preferred collaboration tools. Acumatica helps to expand small and mid-market businesses to achieve operational flexibility, efficiency, and continuity. Product cataloging, supplier management, and audit trail are some of its additional features worth exploring.


ERPNext is an open-source ERP tool made to support companies in a variety of industries, including those in manufacturing, distribution, retail, education, healthcare, agriculture, and non-profits. You can use a consolidated dashboard to handle the platform's accounting, onboarding, payroll, production, sales, and CRM activities. Additionally, it enables managers to schedule projects, keep track of activities, estimate timetables, save documents, and work in real-time with team members.

However, very similar to Netsuite, ERPNext is also a generic ERP solution with manufacturing ERP being a part of its larger picture. However, it beats Unleashed in terms of pricing plan and list of features.


We managed to save the best for the last! Utilize is an ideal manufacturing software alternative to Unleashed, especially if you are a small team. Utilize is a no-code tool that allows you to transform your existing spreadsheets into mobile-friendly apps that can be customized in minutes. This is the most affordable way to provide simple but customized apps for your manufacturing team. It is a quick three-step process:

  1. Select a sample app from the app directory

  2. Select a data source (your existing spreadsheets)

  3. Customize without coding and share the app with your users

Even the simplest integrations, like Google Sheets, give you access to apps that greatly ease the entire manufacturing process. If you want to learn more about the kind of manufacturing solutions that these apps offer, you can also look at some sample apps on the website.

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​The Wait Ends Today

You have the questions, you have the alternatives, and you know all the important features by now. All that’s left for you to do is make a choice. First, quickly assess your requirements, find out the top three software that meets your criteria of needs and arrange for a quick call or demo with them. The one which manages to convince you the most can be selected as the perfect replacement for Unleashed.

Team Utilize will be glad to assist you to guide you through the selection process. They are known for their unbiased suggestions to help find the right solution for your manufacturing team. The best solution for you can be a no-code tool like Utilize or manufacturing software like Unleashed, Fishbowl, etc. Book an appointment here and find out!

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