People are splurging on their houses and ensuring they have all the amenities. One standard facility that most people want is a swimming pool. Although, maintaining a swimming pool requires effort, as it needs service regularly. 

Many agencies offer pool installations, maintenance and repairs service. So, it is challenging for them to maintain various customer accounts and deliver top-notch service. 

If you are a business offering the same services, you can streamline your processes with the help of pool service software. Although, small business owners sometimes need help finding the right software as they require only a few features to maintain their operations. 

Thus, it becomes essential to incorporate the correct software with optimum features that fit your business needs. 

Best features of Pool Service Software

What exactly is pool service software?

Pool service software has many digital tools allowing the vendor to handle all mundane business procedures efficiently.

With such software, you can:

  • Manage work orders.

  • Complete admin assignments.

  • Improve customer service.

Pool service apps have many features like invoicing, scheduling repairs or maintenance, pool control, routing and consumer management. You can operate this software from a laptop, tablet, or smartphone, and it automates everything without relying much on manual procedures.

 3 types of Pool Service Software

1. Field Service Management Software

FSM is one of the most famous pool service software solutions. The vendors can subscribe to these platforms monthly or annually. It can help you by automating operations, keeping track of assistance and repairs, handling customer contracts, collecting payments, and more. 

FSM software is pre-created, and you must adapt to their pre-made templates for your pool service app. You will only get little room for customization.   

Who can use them?

  • Large and small service units or even startups 

Can you customize them?

  • No customizations are feasible.

Why choose them as your pool service software?

  • These solutions have an outstanding consumer support group that can assist the vendors with onboarding

  • They are comfortable to use, and your workers can adapt to them fast

  • Have a range of pricing choices from monthly, quarterly, and even yearly subscriptions 

2. No-Code Tools

No-code tools are also a popular choice of software for your pool service app. They are chief among small business proprietors as they permit non-technical individuals to build software without penning a line of code. 

Why is no-code tool suitable for pool service apps?

No-code tools have a user-friendly graphical interface that directs the users via the development stage. The best part about such pool service software is that they have drag-and-drop templates. It allows the vendors to construct and experiment with the features based on their business needs. You can check out no-code solutions such as Utilize or Stacker to see if it fits with your pool service business needs. 

Who can use them? 

  • Small and medium-sized pool service companies

Can you customize them?

  • Business owners can customize the features of the software. 

Why choose them as your pool service software?

  • If you want a customized application that fits all your pool service business requirements

  • If you are in an initial stage where your operations will continue to grow, and so you require software that is readily modified

3. Develop Property Management Software from scratch

The users can operate with a designer or a software developer to build the pool service app from scratch based on their necessities. However, it is an expensive solution and if your processes evolve, changing them is difficult. 

Who can use them?

  • Mid and large-sized companies

Why choose them as your pool service software?

  • When the pool service business requires peculiar customizations

  • When you have the budget to incorporate IoT and hardware

Why should you use pool service software? 

Running a pool service business is challenging. You have different customers with various service requests. At the same time, you have to manage a team of field technicians and delegate the service orders. 

To operate smoothly, you will need robust software that helps you execute tasks quickly and deliver quality service to your clients.  

Some of the things that a pool service tool can do are:

  • Increase efficiency

By automating the paperwork, you can cut down on time spent on bookkeeping. With the capability to assign jobs in seconds, your service orders can escalate quickly. It means that your field staff can take up more service orders every day.

  • Handle finances effectively

Pool service software can generate quotes and invoices based on the service chosen. You can even remind your clients to pay via automated mail or texts, decreasing missed payments and enhancing cash flow.

  • Cloud Storage

Whether your client has one residential pool or half a dozen commercial establishments, you will never have to examine far for their attributes again if they are recorded on a security managing software system. 

With pool service software, you can arrange all the databases in one single forum, thanks to cloud storage. Once the date is added, your employees can have details available at their fingertips with just one click. 

Why is it essential to find good Property Management Software?

Good pool service software can help a service provider to break down a time-consuming and complicated task. As a small business owner, you must take care of many elements like creating bills, making reports and setting reminders for maintenance. 

A good pool service tool can take care of all such tasks, allowing you to spend time on essential tasks rather than mundane ones. 

There are many options for pool service software, but you should choose one that goes well with your requirements. 

Although, choosing a tool that allows 100% flexibility with customizations is a good idea because you need a few features to get your small business up and running. You can choose between field service management software and no-code tools, but FSM has little or no room for customizability.  

So, at Utilize, we feel you should go for software that allows you to choose your features and pay for only those. 

What are the essential features of pool service software? 

Pool service software has various features. However, some are essential for the smooth automation of your small business.  

Want to run an efficient pool service business?

Scheduling & Dispatching

Pool service software can facilitate scheduling and dispatch efficiently. You can take advantage of the complete calendar view and develop a dashboard to allocate the task to the nearest technician with the most appropriate expertise for each job order. 

It helps to: 

  • Quickly assign and reschedule the technicians to new tasks

  • Notify and dispatch team members in real-time

  • Quickly drag and drop jobs in your calendar

  • Provide technicians with essential job detail

  • Send customers texts and email notifications 

Job Management and Checklists

Most pool service management software lets the users control and follow work orders via a pool service app. This means the user can avoid missing out on work orders during a busy day in the office.

Online Bookings

The vendors can provide many options to their clients to book appointments via a pool service software. You can take bookings through social media platforms and your website. 

Mobile Friendly

You can access all the information on the software through your phone. It is even possible to add or update information from anywhere. 

Financial management

Pool service software allows business owners to send automated invoices after the service is done. You can also send reminders to customers, so they never forget a payment. The financial features include quote creation, quote management, quote approval and follow-ups, invoicing and payments.

You can use these features to your advantage for:

  • Making invoices with just one click

  • Dodge errors and disputes in the invoice

  • Keep track of the expenses

  • Charge distinct prices to different clients with the business pricing module

  • Enable online payment

Custom work-flows

A pool service software automates the procedure to guarantee that the user doesn't accidentally double-book the services. You can also ensure that your field staff doesn’t receive  back-to-back assignments on opposite sides of town.

Customer Management

With the help of pool service tools, you can provide customers with the comfort and flexibility to reach out to you by ensuring the best-in-class consumer experience. 

  • It lets the clients instantly ask for quotations via the website

  • The users can turn supported estimates into work orders and plan appointments with a single click

  • Share photos as proof and update the status of the task to the clients

  • Alert clients before scheduling service visits

  • Promptly report about the rescheduling of appointments or differences in the work orders

  • Get invoices endorsed with digital signs

Reports and Dashboard

The pool service software efficiently offers valuable insights and analytics to assist your business. With this feature you can: 

  • Get an easy view of calendars, agendas, work orders, and finances on a single platform

  • Allow customization as per the business requirements

  • Provide a dynamic dashboard with real-time updates

  • Export reports to Excel

Employee notification and timesheet management

You can run a pool service business efficiently if your team works well. With these features, you can:

  • Ask employees to clock in and clock out to keep a watch of billable hours

  • Notify employees with new and pending tasks. 

  • Ask for updates on particular jobs from field technicians.

A pool service software reduces workload and allows smooth delegation of service orders. It also helps you to pay attention to the core tasks of running your business instead of focusing on mundane tasks. 

Bottom Line!

Good pool service software is highly essential for small business owners. It will help you finish work orders on time and impress your customers. Also, it will give you enough time to scale your business. 

If you want to run an efficient pool service business, you need software that helps you to take service orders from clients, delegate the tasks to field staff and then communicate the confirmed service orders back to your customers. All these are peculiar features, and you need software that is highly customizable so that you can choose your options.

No-code tools are the best choice in such a scenario as they allow you to pick features best suited for your pool service business. The good part is that you don't need a technical team or infrastructure to set it up. 

You can easily drag and drop features to build your software. Your team will quickly get accustomed to it, and you will not have to spend a lot on training them. Another advantage is that you can add or delete features as per your business growth and requirements. 

Are you looking for a user-friendly and customizable pool service app? Then, check out the features of Utilize. We have all the necessary features needed to assemble pool service software. Check it out today!