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Jobber might be the best option if you are looking for an all-in-one solution. Workiz and HouseCall Pro are best suited if you need home service management software. And if you are a small growing business, you can try Utilize which provides mobile-friendly apps that can be customized for your field service teams without any coding in just minutes.

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Benefits of field service management software

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Modern companies rely largely on Excel sheets to manage their field operations. They want to track every step right from scheduling to billing. But managing these processes on top of excel sheets becomes complex as the business grows. They continuously look for ways to find solutions to these problems:​

  1. How can I make scheduling more efficient?
  2. How can I match the right technicians to the right jobs?
  3. How can I centralize my information?
  4. How can I improve communication between the field team and the customers?
  5. How can I manage assets and inventory efficiently?

If you are trying to solve these problems, you might have discovered several Field Service Management software for your mobile teams. A Field Service Management software helps in automating all these manual processes and improves business performance and team productivity.

However, the majority of software in the market may not be suited for your business. Most of them are designed for large enterprises. And the ones that claim to be are for small businesses, come with a lot of undesirable features. This makes finding the best software for your company complex and time-consuming.

As a result, we analyzed 60+ field service management softwares that claim to target small businesses and filtered a list of 10 software best suitable for small businesses along with their comprehensive features.

Best field service management software

Top 10 field service management software and their features

Jobber - Best field service software for small and medium businesses

Jobber is a comprehensive solution for all field service operations best suited for small and medium businesses. From customer booking and quoting to scheduling and getting paid, it manages all operations seamlessly.


  1. Easy Scheduling and Dispatching
    Scheduling a job with Jobber is just one click away. You can schedule/reschedule a job, technician visit with a personalized drag and drop calendar and compare team members’ schedules to see who’s free to dispatch.
  2. Online Booking and Customer Details
    Customers can fill out an online form, request bookings, and instantly book an appointment with minimum effort. Employers can use custom fields to track and report on important client details and provide personalized service to them.
  3. Seamless Communication
    Be it, customers or employees, Jobber makes communication seamless. You can send automated alerts for job scheduling, appointment details, and follow-ups through a mobile app.
  4. Easy Invoicing
    Jobber makes it easier for clients to pay with one click. You can also generate batch invoices to speed up the payment process.


The core plan for Jobber starts with $30/month. You can start with a 14-day free trial to see if Jobber is the right solution for your small business.

ServiceTitanBest field service scheduling software

Service Titan is an all-in-one software for commercial and residential HVAC, plumbing, electrical services. You can transform your field service business from scheduling to payroll with just one software.


  1. Scheduling and Dispatching
    Smart scheduling for complex and unique jobs. You can schedule jobs in advance for months and weeks and also create custom tags to flag specific jobs. Dispatchers can easily dispatch jobs to employees and send automated alerts.
  2. Call Bookings
    Automatically populates customer information into CSR as calls come in, making an appointment booking quick and custom prompts.
  3. Timesheet
    Customized real-time timesheet for employees and contractors, customizable performance pay, flexible start time, and overtime where employees can digitally sign off.
  4. Payments
    Flexible payment options by capturing photos of checks and credit cards in the field, or sending customers a link to a personalized online payment portal.


ServiceTitan has 2 core packages $125/technician/month and $398/month . You can book a demo to understand their pricing better.

WorkizBest field management software for home service companies

Workiz is an easy and flexible software to manage your home service business from one place. You can manage all operations from job scheduling to billing through one software.


  1. Job Scheduling
    Quickly schedule or reschedule a job using a drag-and-drop calendar and effectively dispatch your team. Create custom workflows according to your business needs, notify clients and staff after scheduling a job.
  2. Inventory Management
    Easy inventory and item management, real-time tracking of items. With Workiz, you can create and manage multiple inventory containers where technicians are assigned and restricted to specific inventory containers.
  3. Job Management
    With Workiz, you can organize and manage jobs from start to finish. Track real-time location and timesheet of technicians, work progress, create custom tags to organize your jobs the way you want.
  4. Easy Invoicing
    Workiz allows technicians and dispatchers to easily create and email invoices to clients. Track and manage invoices through a single dashboard, and sync them with QuickBooks.​


Workiz starter plan starts from $65/month for 2 users. There are different prices incurred for additional features and users.

HouseCall Pro - Best all-in-one solution for HVAC, electrical, plumbing services

HouseCall Pro is a cloud-based operating software managing all home service operations. It is best suited for businesses like HVAC, electrical, and plumbing services. With HouseCall Pro, you can easily improve processes like scheduling, dispatching, invoicing, and payment collection.


  1. Scheduling and Dispatching
    With drag-and-drop scheduling software, you can set up new and recurring jobs, organize calendars, and assign tasks to staff. Automatic text with job details and directions is sent to employees, whenever a new task is dispatched to them.
  2. Reporting
    Create custom reports for every job role and job done and make data-driven decisions on top of them. You can also generate customer insights and target customers based on them.
  3. Customer Management
    With HouseCall Pro, you can get an all-in-one solution for customer management. You can send confirmation emails, alerts and automatically request reviews when the job is done. Make payments easier by sending customized invoices with just one click.
  4. Easy Booking
    Customers can view your availability and make online bookings through websites, social media, etc.


The basic plan starts at $49/month. You can try a 14-day free trial and contact the team to explore more.

SkeduloBest mobile field service software

Skedulo is an efficient solution to schedule, manage, analyze mobile field services regardless of the industry. You can create customized workflows to fit your business needs.


  1. Intelligent Workforce Scheduling
    With Skedulo, you can easily match customers’ needs to available workers. The intelligent scheduler streamlines, automate, and optimize the scheduling process where you can manage the work pipeline from order to delivery.
  2. Mobile Apps
    Managers and staff can seamlessly communicate through a mobile app, send appointment texts to customers. Employees can easily capture data from the field and upload photos and videos. Managers can track employees’ location and task progress in real-time.
  3. Insights and Analytics
    Skedulo collates and organizes data to monitor, understand, and improve deskless workforce productivity. You can track the important metrics and KPIs to make data-driven decisions with analytical dashboards.
  4. Integration
    Skedulo integrates with various enterprise tech stacks to gain speed and business insights. You can create end-to-end workflows to create seamless employee and customer experiences.


Skedulo comes in different packages. The basic plan for mobile workers starts at $59/month and additional prices are incurred with feature requirements and business size.

ZuperBest field service management software with custom workflows

Zuper is the most comprehensive tool for field workforce collaboration. It provides an easy and customizable way to manage field service operations from bookings to scheduling to tracking employees with just one software.


  1. Work Order Management
    With Zuper, you can manage your work orders efficiently. You’ll be able to configure your work order process in minutes, add checklist items to them, send automated notifications and alerts to customers when technicians are dispatched.
  2. Effortless Scheduling
    Manage scheduling/rescheduling of appointments, time-off requests, shifts with a drag-and-drop calendar. Balance territory planning with technicians to assign the right job to the right person at right time.
  3. Analytical Reporting
    Zuper helps you to get real-time insights into your important KPIs & optimize operations with data-driven insights. You can customize and create personalized reports specific to your business needs
  4. Integration
    Zuper is integrated with 30+ apps including Zoho, Shopify, Slack, Zendesk, etc that improves the workflows and help you manage your tasks efficiently.


You can start with a 15-day free trial and contact the team to understand the pricing and functionalities more. The basic plan starts at $25/user/month.

FieldEZBest field service software with integrations like QuickBooks

FieldEZ is a great way to transform and digitize your field service operations. It provides different customizable solutions for SMBs and large enterprises. Its robust features increase operational efficiency, employee satisfaction, and enhance customer experience.


  1. Job Scheduling & Dispatch
    Real-time scheduling of jobs through the drag-and-drop calendar. Managers can easily allocate jobs based on employee work hours and availability, resources, send automatic emails/texts to the team after scheduling a job.
  2. Dashboards and Reports
    Get all information available in one place. With just a single click you can get task status, progress, employee details, work history, etc. This helps you in making data-driven decisions, improving task assignment and operational efficiency.
  3. Customer Relationship Management(CRM)
    FieldEZ helps you to maintain a healthy relationship with customers. You can track and see customer details, assets bought, their activities, and surveys and capture new details at every touchpoint.
  4. Integration
    FieldEZ integrates with various tools like QuickBooks, etc to sync the information and improve the workflows in one single FieldEZ application.


You can try FieldEZ for free and book a demo with the team to know more about pricing and features. The basic plan starts at $15/month/feature.

Field ProxyBest field service software with reporting features

Field Proxy is an all-in-one solution to manage your mobile workforce. It caters to multiple industries like healthcare, construction, home services, pharma, and many more. You can easily automate your day-to-day operations through effective scheduling, task management and generate analytical reports on top of it.


  1. Easy Scheduling
    You can easily schedule tasks, and assign tasks resources through intuitive scheduling and planning system. These tasks can be scheduled in advance for months/weeks with a personalized drag-and-drop calendar.
  2. Custom task creation
    With Field Proxy, you can build custom inspection checklists, jobs, and to-do lists that help you capture the exact information you need to capture. You can also create custom workflows for your processes.
  3. Reporting
    With a few clicks, you can generate customized reports with detailed analytics and make better business decisions. You can get detailed information on data collection and modifications to know exactly what happened when and where it happened.
  4. SimpleMobile Apps
    Managers can easily communicate with their mobile teams through a mobile app, send appointment texts to customers. Employees can easily capture data from the field and upload photos and videos and capture customer feedback.


Field Proxy’s basic plan starts from $49 for 5 users and increases with additional users and features. You can contact the team to know more about their pricing.

Field Aware - Best field service software with scheduling and dispatching features

With a simple easy-to-use interface, Field Aware makes it easier for mobile workers to manage jobs and streamline processes easily. From scheduling, dispatching to generating invoices, it makes all operations seamless.


  1. Job Scheduling and Dispatch
    Optimized scheduling with a drag-and-drop calendar. Managers can schedule jobs based on technicians’ availability and notify them in the mobile app in real-time.
  2. Information Management
    Information is centralized in one location. Employees can upload photos, documentation, work orders in a few clicks and managers can access all information and jobs done data.
  3. Integration
    Field Aware provides powerful integrations with software like QuickBooks, NetSuite, Salesforce, Xero, etc to manage all operations in one place.
  4. Mobile App
    Field Aware provides a mobile app where employees can see all the tasks information and upload information during their jobs. Managers can easily communicate with their staff and customers.


Field Aware’s pricing starts from $70/user/month and there are different plans based on additional features and users. You can contact the team to explore more about their pricing.

WorkMate - Best field service software for workforce management

WorkMate is an efficient solution for the blue-collar workforce. It gives you full control and visibility of all the on-ground operations. You can manage, monitor, and boost workforce performance with a few clicks.


  1. Shift Scheduling
    You can create and schedule multiple tasks with a few clicks. Workmate auto-assigns and prompts workers to confirm shifts, automatically detects unconfirmed shifts, and sends automated reminders to workers.
  2. Workforce Management
    WorkMate gives you full visibility of your workforce where you can assign and group workers based on tasks, locations, positions without hassle. You can also recruit full-time, part-time workers using their AI network to fill gaps in your system.
  3. Analytics
    With WorkMate, you can get real-time visibility of the teams’ performance. You can monitor performance metrics like worker attendance, satisfaction, and retention rates and make better business decisions. You can also track expenses, labor, spot, and fix site issues.
  4. Payroll Integration
    You can integrate all your payroll systems and WorkMate auto-calculates wages while accounting for overtime and adjustments. You can audit and export payrolls with just one click.


WorkMate has different pricing plans according to feature requirements and team size. Its workforce management plan starts at $250/month.

Choosing the best field service software for your business

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Selecting the best field service management software can be challenging as your business grows. With plenty of options in the market, the selection process becomes tougher. In order to find the right software, you will have to try some of these products, book demos, and read reviews on websites like CapterraG2. You can also check our framework designed for small businesses to evaluate if a field software solution fits your requirements or not.

If you are still stuck and need help in finding a field service solution for your business, go ahead and book a demo with us. We are building Utilize, a tool to create mobile-friendly apps that can be customized for your field workforce in just minutes.