If you are searching for ERP software for your business, you are probably lost in the plethora of solutions available in the market. Finding the right ERP that fits your business is a time-consuming and complicated decision. 

Tenets of a good software

There is no denying that there are inventive and robust ERP solutions in the market. When you visit their websites, you will see how every software claims that they are made for businesses of all sizes and can solve all your automation problems. But, that is never the case. After trying ERP software and reading reviews about it, you will start observing features that don't fit your requirements and might finally decide that the solution is not suitable for your business. And this is where a framework can be helpful, to quickly decide if ERP software works for your business or not. 

Framework - What makes a good ERP?

The following factors can be used when you are choosing an ERP for your business. You can keep these factors in mind whenever you are trying new software and give them weightage. How much weightage you want to give to each factor, depends on the stage and type of your business and what processes you are automating. 

Tenets of a good software

Note: This framework is loosely based on a study published by Forrester, we tweaked them from our learnings at Utilize so that they are more relevant for SMBs and startups. 


Can the software be customized to fit the business processes?

Ease of use

How easy will it be for your teams, partners, or customers to use? 

Go-live time

How quickly can the software be built or customized to their needs? 


How economical is it to buy and maintain the software?


Will the software work well even when a company grows?


Does the software ensure confidentiality and integrity of data? 


How does the software integrate with other software in the company?

Examples for choosing the best ERP software

If a pre-product startup needs CRM/sales software, qualities like scalability, ease of use, and privacy become less important when compared to go-live time and affordability. A simple spreadsheet solves the requirements.  

If a B2C tech startup needs a customized ERP for tracking customer support requests and tickets, qualities like integrability, privacy, flexibility are crucial. They would probably use Retool or Appsmith to build it. 

If a large FMCG brand wants an ERP to manage orders and inventory across the country, all qualities are important except affordability and go-live time. They won't hesitate to spend time and resources by hiring a tech agency to custom develop the software. 


Good software & automation is a necessity for any SMB or startup to thrive. With many ERP products in the market, there is no dearth of software solutions. In fact, the problem at hand is a result of the abundance of software solutions. The problem is that it is difficult to find the software that will exactly fit your business. A framework might not solve this problem but will definitely provide a method to solve it. 

We also compiled a list of the best ERP software, along with their top features, that are best suited for small businesses. You can check them here.

If you are still stuck and need help in finding the right ERP for your business, go ahead and book a demo with us. We are building Utilize as a simpler, lean alternative to ERPs where we provide mobile-friendly apps for your teams, that can be customized in minutes.